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I Give Up

By: Cat Wood

“I give up.” Three words we may use or want to use when we feel life is just too hard or complicated. I’ll tell you right now, life is hard, and there is no ‘easy button’.

What makes life hard? People. However, the human race is God’s formal creation. He created us to have a relationship with Him and to do a work in us and through us. To complete His work, He waits for us to want to join Him. Not socializing with others is not an option! Which means we must step out of our comfort zone to complete the hard stuff. This requires surrender.

The act of surrender demands giving up your individual wants, which may look like needs. This is where living out the call Jesus has chosen for you may become challenging. It’s a small climax in your walk with Him. There are two choices. Do you obey or go your own way? He may be asking you to give your time which hardly exists due to other demands on your already full schedule. He may be asking you to give financially even though the bills are barely getting paid and you’re working two or more jobs as it is. He may be asking you to love on someone, but you hardly have it emotionally together yourself.

There are plenty of excuses just to give up and move on from Jesus’ calling. None of us have the time, the economy is insane, and every single one of us struggles with mental well-being on some level. But, He chose YOU. You do have the words. You do have the time. You do have the finances. The crazy act of persevering through the surrender is that He always provides for those who are obedient to His calling. But, friend, you must take the first, scary step.

This looks like sitting down with Jesus, opening His word, and listening to Him. Be honest with Him. It’s okay to fear the unknown. I have had to learn that Jesus cares how I feel and wants me to talk with Him.

Being a mom of four is overwhelming almost everyday as one of them is still a baby. My kids see the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as Jesus. And that, my friend, is the most comforting thing ever. Yes, I want to give up when everyone is crying and the chores are ignored. Although it would be easy to just not care, I've got to get over myself and persevere. My children deserve to see Jesus displayed through me as I surrender moment by moment. They know that mommy isn’t perfect, but with His strength, she can persevere and do His will.

What is Jesus calling you to do? How are you able to persevere through your challenges with His strength?

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