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Spiritual Gifts ~ Key Points From Scripture



  • Don’t be unaware (ignorant)!

  • Don’t be led astray concerning spiritual things; get your doctrine from the Word!

  • Every believer gets at least one gift.

  • Believers are not given the same gift(s); each believer is uniquely equipped.

  • The Holy Spirit (not the believer) decides which gift(s) are apportioned to each believer.

  • Gift(s) are given for the common good of the body.

  • Gift(s) are given at salvation by the Holy Spirit.

  • A believer’s gift(s) do not change. (A hand is always a hand in a properly functioning body!)

  • Believers need other believers with different gift(s) to be a properly functioning body.

  • No believer has all the gifts.

  • The exercise of gift(s) is a manifestation (disclosure) of the Holy Spirit.

  • The order is important: the Holy Spirit gives the gift(s); then the Lord directs the ministry(ies); then God causes the effect(s).

  • Each church body should earnestly desire the proper member exercising their gift(s) that the body needs at that time.

ROMANS 12: 1-8


  • You should be a living sacrifice (which is your genuine and reasonable service of worship).

  • You should not be conformed to the world’s system or fashions at this time.

  • You should be renewing your mind constantly.

  • You should not think too highly (or too lowly) of yourself.

  • You should think with sound judgment (the opinion of self should match that of God’s opinion about you).

  • You are a member of a body with a different function (that is also excellent) than other members.

  • You should be exercising your gift(s) accordingly.


This is a package deal for all Believers to adhere to, not a piecemeal approach.


God’s will is good and acceptable and perfect: be characterized as ministering in the area of your unique gifting(s)!


1 PETER 4: 7-11


  • Only two categories of gifts are scriptural: speaking and serving.

  • Speaking gifts should be speaking the utterances of God (not men).

  • Serving gifts should be serving with God’s strength (not man’s).

  • Exercise your gift(s) in serving one another as good stewards of God’s grace.




  • Walk in a manner worthy of the calling.

  • The 7 absolutes of Christian unity: one Body, one Spirit, one Hope, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father.

  • There are 4 gifts for the equipping of the saints for their work of service (to do their assigned will from God) to build up the body.

  • Believers are no longer to be like children, tossed by every wind of doctrine (from man’s trickery, craftiness in deceitful scheming).

  • The body functions in love according to the proper working of each member to cause growth.

Compilation by: Randy Johnson

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