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Spiritual Gifts ~ Overview

Types of Gifts & Descriptions of Supernatural (God-given only) Abilities:


Apostleship – communicate the gospel and Word to non-Christians in other cultures and geographic areas as a lifestyle


Prophecy – understand and expose God's Word in a relevant, truthful and meaningful way to Believers for the current times


Evangelism – preach the Gospel of J.C. (with forgiveness of sins, resurrection from the dead by God and ascension to heaven) to unbelievers in the same culture and proclaim that faith (not merit) is all that is needed to become a Believer

Pastor/Teacher (Shepherding) – instruct, train, feed the Word, and care for a flock of Believers (not unbelievers) to a more mature Christian level


Teaching – instruct consistently and clearly the truth from God's Word to help bring Christian maturity to each Believer


Exhortation – encourage Believers in any spiritual way to comfort, build up, aid, etc. so that those Believers can be freed up to use their gift(s)


Leadership – role model for others by carefully and diligently following God's Word to demonstrate characteristics and lifestyles in an eager manner


Administrations – serve as a special guide for projects, activities, specific ministries and able to handle all details as necessary to completion


Giving – provide support, usually financial-related, to Believers or the Body in their true time of need with no ulterior motive

Helps – provide support, physically and spiritually, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, in various ways to free up other believers to exercise their gift(s)

Service (Ministry) – provide specific ministry support, perhaps to free up certain other believers to exercise their speaking gift(s)


Mercy – provide compassion for those Believers in distress or dire need (physically or emotionally) through words of encouragement and action


Word of Wisdom – understand and apply knowledge in God's Word with insight into the plan for specific Believers; done in humility out of a true, apparent fear of the Lord


Word of Knowledge – understand and illuminate or summarize God's Word and God's teachings in general; done in humility and out of a true fear of the Lord


Faith – focus on Jesus Christ and convince Believers to follow God's plan, whether seen or not, in order to bring joy and hope from God's will at a special time or in daily living circumstances


Gifts of Healings – give God the glory and show His power by performing physical restorations of health, regardless of the sick person's faith


Effecting of Miracles – give God the glory and show His power by a Believer performing an act or acts which are outside of man's normal capabilities and which are not direct divine intervention


Distinguishing of Spirits (Discernment) – understand God's Word in a way to detect and judge good from evil as in the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of error


Tongues – give God the glory and show His power by speaking another language which can be interpreted as God's will and message to unbelievers


Interpretation of Tongues – give God the glory and show His power by understanding and explaining the tongue's language as God's will and message to unbelievers


Compilation By: Randy Johnson

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