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Times of Trouble

By: Meghan DeWeerd

When you let your emotions get the best of you, are involved in a difficult situation, or are second guessing yourself and the decisions you made or are about to make, who do you turn to? Do you turn to your own conscience, your ego, or other people who you know will defend you? Or, do you go to our Heavenly Father, who wants us to go before Him, to seek Him and His help?

The culture of the world says we need a circle of people who will back us up no matter what and that it’s okay to let our emotions guide our decisions. It doesn’t matter if we can possibly hurt other people's feelings, or vice versa. It’s a blameless society where neither side wants to take responsibility for any damage they’ve caused, yet both want to feel just, merciful, and fair.

We can get wrapped up in those notions too. We can think that we are good and pure and acting justly when texting friends, co-workers, or family members about our life events and to see whose side they’re on. We can reach out to them just to heed their advice, thinking that we are taking all sides into consideration and doing our part of civility and fairness.

But, then there are circumstances where God sheds light on our sins and iniquities in one of the simplest tasks we have as children of God – believing in Him. When we go to everyone but God for guidance, we are showing Him that we do not believe in Him. We are showing that we do not believe that the God who created the cosmos and everything from the beginning until the end of time, who sacrificed His only Son for our sake and will send His Son again to bring heaven on earth, can help us. We act as if He cannot guide us through His Holy Spirit.

I know that I am one to seek the advice or guidance of others, reassuring myself that I am making the right decision. But by always seeking the wisdom of other people, I am discrediting the power of God’s wisdom. I am discrediting the One who knows my heart better than I do, who is able to guide me through all situations and reminds me to ultimately trust in Him and obey His commands.

How can we not believe in Him? He has, does, and will continue to do so much for us even though we cannot do anything for Him. When we approach God’s throne and cry out to Him for wisdom, He will grant it how He sees fit, according to His will and plan for us, not our earthly wants or desires. It is all for His Kingdom and His glory.

I pray that we have the boldness to approach His throne and ask for wisdom and guidance in all areas of our lives.

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

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