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Dear New Christian,

By: Krista Steuber

I recently asked a group of Christian women what advice they would give a new Christian. This “letter” is a compilation of our advice to a new sister who desires to follow Jesus.

Dear New Christian,

Welcome to God’s family! Being a daughter of God is the greatest blessing you will ever receive. You will never feel so loved in your life as you will by God! As your sister in Christ, I’d like to give you some advice as you begin the best journey of your life – your walk with Jesus.

The most important book you will ever read is your Bible. Open it every day. Study it. Spend time alone with Jesus. Never negotiate your time in God’s Word. You will be amazed at how your relationship with God grows as you spend time getting to know Him and His character.

Your example, method, and heart is always Jesus. There is no other method and no other heart. If you truly want to follow Jesus, then you will want to know who He is, fully, and study what He did on this earth. Strive every day to follow His ways. He gave many examples of ‘how to’ in Scripture. Learn how to pray like Jesus did. Learn how to worship the Father like He did. Learn how to give others mercy like He has given you.

Give yourself grace as you grow into who God designed you to be. You will not become an instant biblical scholar or stop being imperfect. You are on a lifelong journey of transformation, refinement, and sanctification. A true, faithful, and believing Christian will never stop needing and wanting more of God. Your relationship with Him will continue to deepen for the rest of your life.

The journey will not be easy. Many times our coming to Christ is accompanied by an emotionally high experience, but following Jesus will bring lows as well. The truth of who Jesus is for us is not dependent on our feelings. He is forever faithful, and His promises to us in His Word are eternal.

You have an enemy you have just gotten very upset. He will try all he can to distract and disarm you. Stay alert! Don’t believe the lies that come at you. Trust in the great power of Who is with you and in you, Christ Jesus. He has already defeated the enemy. Fight with the power of Jesus!

There is a Church community ready, willing, and able to love, support, and encourage you. Find your tribe of sisters. Surround yourself with a community that is perfectly imperfect, but loves Jesus more than anything and wants to serve Him. Find someone running hard after Jesus, and ask her to run with you as well! Invest time with her, your spiritual mentor, and with your Church community. Allow them to challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone as you follow God’s calling for your life.

Look for God in every moment of every day. He is always there. As you draw close to Him, He will draw close to you.

Love always,

Your Sister in Christ

A special thank you to my sisters who shared their advice: Kitty Caine, Laura Johnson, Susanna Kozlow, Maggie Morrison, Sherry Pryor, Karen Pullaro, and Cat Wood.

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