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November 16, 2019 Training Event

Divinely Driven:

Propel with Purpose and Intention

Training Description

What is the Kingdom of God? What is my role in this Kingdom as His ambassador?

These questions and many others are what we aim to tackle during this training. We will discover together what the Kingdom of God is and what it is not. We will explore what it takes to be citizens of His Kingdom, as well as start the conversation of what God’s purpose is for each of us in His Kingdom as followers of Jesus Christ. We will hear that living a life of intention begins with knowing what role we play for His purpose and His will as His ambassadors.

We will explore the critical need for Spiritual Disciplines in our daily lives. When Jesus begins a great work in us, He always expects that great work to be made known through us.

We will encourage ways to continue growing in the Spiritual Disciplines, understanding that spiritual maturity develops when we choose to nourish these disciplines.


We will equip you in each Spiritual Discipline, delving into what they are and how to apply them to your daily life, through entering into three breakout sessions.


Living a life of intention begins with understanding our roles as God’s laborers and nourishing our spiritual health daily.



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